Posted by: jorgemontano | October 27, 2011

TestComplete 8.6 adds Web Testing with Firefox 5, 6, also Microsoft Visual Studio integration improvements

TestComplete 8.6 updated it’s Firefox browser support to include the newest versions 5 & 6.

Microsoft Visual Studio Integration Improvements was done in this version. Also added support for Rogue Wave Stringray controls and applications built with Java 7.

New in TestComplete 8.6

  • Support for Mozilla Firefox 5 and 6
  • Testing using the Java 7 platform (both 32-bit and 64-bit versions)
  • Support for Rogue Wave Stingray Studio 10.x controls
  • Better support for Developer Express .NET controls
  • Improved integration of TestComplete projects within Microsoft Visual

For more information about what’s new in TestComplete 8.6, please review the following: What’s new in TestComplete 8.6

About Microsoft Visual Studio Integration Improvements, VS2010 now automatically detects which test runner application—TestComplete or TestExecute—is installed on the computer and uses it to run the TestComplete tests from Visual Studio test projects. Also the TestComplete test editor in Visual Studio now has a toolbar with commands to select and unselect test items quickly, to toggle selection and so on.

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