Posted by: jorgemontano | June 24, 2011

TestComplete 8.5


These days I’ve been researching about a tool for Automation that looks powerful and has lots of options compared to other tools in the market.

I’m talking about TestComplete currently in 8.5 version. It has a lot of compatibility with several applications and third party developer tools like Dev Express.

For a detailed comparison between SilkTest and Test Complete please review the following link.

Comparison of SilkTest and TestComplete

For the people that uses TestComplete and wants to integrate it with VS2010, I found a very interesting article about how to execute Test Projects created on Test Complete from a C# application:

Working With TestComplete via COM From Managed Code

The article also has a sample code related to execute a Test Project from C#.

Just to clarify a little the method Connect.RunTest doesn’t actually start anything in TestComplete. It just switches TC to the script-running mode to make its run-time objects available to the connected application (via Connect). To run a project created in Test Complete from a C# app, we need to use the RunProject method.

IMO TestComplete is a more powerful tool than other tools related to automation, and has a lot of documentation, also you don’t need to learn a propietary language for edit the test scripts as they are based on Java Scripts or VB scripts.

If you want to try it, just register in the following link and you’ll have 30 days of trial of a full Test Complete Enterprise Edition:

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